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“CyberMaxx’s VRM service takes the chaos out of an impossible task. They act as an extension of my team and greatly increase our effectiveness. It has been a huge time saver for us.”

Haddon Bennett, CISO at Change Healthcare

Vulnerability Software Meets Scalable Management

We deliver or plug into your Tenable (Nessus) and Qualys software and our team of healthcare cybersecurity experts make sense of things.

Your Vulnerability Managed

We do all the heavy lifting from configuring your VRM software and running scans to resetting the scan schedule.

Healthcare Vulnerability Ranking

Is your team only working on the “highs”? Our team provides healthcare-specific intelligence and risk classifications.


Actionable Instructions

You get precise and actionable instructions so you can focus on the most important risks.

Our Vulnerability Risk Management service delivers precise actionable instructions and risk classifications so you know what’s most important.

“I trust CyberMaxx. They aren’t a security vendor – they are a security partner that helps us make decisions that enhance our security posture and make us successful.”

Preston Duren, Manager of Information Security at RCCH

Extend Your Team

Get an extension of your healthcare cybersecurity team so you don’t have to struggle to keep top security talent.

Gain A Trustworthy Partner

You won’t have to worry about untrustworthy healthcare cybersecurity vendors overpromising and under delivering.

Become A Respected Leader

You’ll have that missing piece that leads to more credibility and respect in your board meetings.

What Makes CyberMaxx So Different?

CyberMaxx’s Managed Security Services are revolutionary because: 1. They’re created and optimized for healthcare enterprises and 2. They deliver a complete solution focusing on technology, people, and process.

4 out of the 10 largest hospital systems in the world leverage CyberMaxx’s team and technology to increase compliance, eliminate talent shortages, and become respected security teams that everyone looks up to. But, given that there are so many healthcare cybersecurity vendors out there who over promise and under deliver, how do you know which vendor to trust?

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“CyberMaxx transformed my security team bringing me capabilities all healthcare security leaders struggle to find and keep.”

Andy Heins, VP Information Security at LifePoint Health
Andy Heins

Your Protection Investment


Starting at $1,650 / month

Is managing your Tenable, Qualys, or other vulnerability risk management software overwhelming or not optimized for your specific healthcare needs? We plug into your existing VRM software so you can focus on what’s important for your organization’s unique needs.

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How much are security talent gaps costing you? How many times are you passed up at board meetings because leadership doesn’t know why they should listen to you? How many times have you been burned by untrustworthy security vendors? Can your team honestly rally in case of a breach? A lack of top-notch healthcare security talent may be costing you a great deal more than you think.

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