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Around-The-Clock Expert Monitoring Scaled To Your Budget

Our MAXX NETWORK (IDS/IPS) service delivers robust, personalized protection and non-stop monitoring easily scaled to both your budget and your evolving risk profile.

  • CyberMaxx’s MAXX NETWORK Cloud for Amazon’s EC2 environment is an IPS developed specifically to address security needs in today’s cloud-based environments. Our technology is a custom Amazon Machine Image that is installed onto a virtual server configured with two or more network interfaces.
  • This architecture monitors and protects the traffic of all virtual servers in the private segment through IPS inspection and application of the threat-intelligence-based CyberMaxx Distributed Defense Fabric.


How It Works

With proprietary technology, a team of experts, and unmatched threat intelligence, we identify hostile activity in real-time and take immediate action to thwart threatening network traffic.


24/7/365 Monitoring

Our team of experts work around-the-clock so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that we’re protecting your organization from advanced threats to your network.


Scalable Protection

Growing fast? No problem! We provide expert monitoring for extremely high performance networks with low tolerance for latency – which means when you grow, we grow with you.

Your Trusted Partner in the Fight Against Today’s Advanced Threats

Ready to take MAXX NETWORK CLOUD *and* around-the-clock protection for a spin?


1. Sign up for a free trial.
2. We’ll package a custom sensor image and make it available to your AWS account.
3. Our team engages with you to facilitate the installation and you’re protected in minutes!

Voted One Of The 20 Most Promising Cyber Solutions

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A Cybersecurity Vendor You Can Actually Trust

We’re proud to serve as your trusted partner – and we’re passionate about helping you become the security leader you strive to be.


Extend Your Team

Get an extension of your security team with a 24/7/365 security operations center staffed with leading cybersecurity experts so you don’t have to struggle to find and keep top talent.


Gain A Trustworthy Partner

Proprietary technology paired, leading cybersecurity experts, and processes refined over 15+ years means you won’t have to worry about yet another untrustworthy cybersecurity vendor overpromising and under delivering.


Become A Respected Leader

With a trusted team working around-the-clock to keep your organization out of the headlines, you’ll have the missing piece needed to gain the respect and credibility you deserve.


We believe in what we do – and we believe that our work speaks for itself.


We invite you to sign up for a free trial of MAXX NETWORK CLOUD for full service and full protection at no obligation to you.

“I felt like I was just a number to other large vendors, while CyberMaxx feels like part of our own team.”

Robert Banniza, Associate VP Information Security at Amsurg

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