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“CyberMaxx’s IDS/IPS technology and expert human analysis has eliminated threats where other organizations suffered great losses in resources, direct expenses, and possible fines. I sleep much better at night knowing they are always protecting my network.”

Larry Barrett, Regional Security Officer at Ascension Health

Intrusion Detection System Meets Scalable Services

Get an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System with a team of healthcare security experts that tune and perform initial triage.

Healthcare IDS/IPS

We have proprietary blocking technology that is designed and optimized for your healthcare enterprise.


Personalized Protection

We profile and learn your network to baseline what is normal and replicate blocking throughout our client base.

Scalable Team of Experts

We continuously block, monitor, and alert 24/7/365. You can scale without adding staff, saving money in your already tight budget.

Unlike most IDS/IPS systems, there is no software or hardware to buy. We ship you pre-configured sensor and you can try free for 30 days.

“I felt like I was just a number to other large vendors, while CyberMaxx feels like part of our own team.”

Robert Banniza, Associate VP Information Security at Amsurg

Robert Banniza

Extend Your Team

Get an extension of your healthcare cybersecurity team so you don’t have to struggle to keep top security talent.

Gain A Trustworthy Partner

You won’t have to worry about untrustworthy healthcare cybersecurity vendors overpromising and under delivering.

Become A Respected Leader

You’ll have that missing piece that leads to more credibility and respect in your board meetings.

What Makes CyberMaxx So Different?

CyberMaxx’s Managed Security Services are revolutionary because: 1. They’re created and optimized for healthcare enterprises and 2. They deliver a complete solution focusing on technology, people, and process.

4 out of the 10 largest hospital systems in the world leverage CyberMaxx’s team and technology to increase compliance, eliminate talent shortages, and become respected security teams that everyone looks up to. But, given that there are so many healthcare cybersecurity vendors out there who over promise and under deliver, how do you know which vendor to trust?

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Your Protection Plan

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You’re protected in minutes.

“CyberMaxx delivers strong cyber experts, unmatched healthcare knowledge, and the ability and willingness to partner on new solutions and offerings to meet our changing business needs.”

Andy Heins, VP Information Security at LifePoint Health

Andy Heins

Your Protection Investment


Starting at $1,650 / month

There are many IDS/IPS systems on the market; however, each system requires constant tuning and 1 (or many more) FTEs to monitor network traffic 24/7/365. We become an extension of your security team and perform the tuning, initial triage, and provide 24/7/365 monitoring so you can maintain a skilled team on a constrained budget.

Find out why our retention rate is over 98%

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How much are security talent gaps costing you? How many times are you passed up at board meetings because leadership doesn’t know why they should listen to you? How many times have you been burned by untrustworthy security vendors? Can your team honestly rally in case of a breach? A lack of top-notch healthcare security talent may be costing you a great deal more than you think.

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